Kauniainen Music Festival
October 28th - November 5th, 2017









The Festival starts today

The wonderful Czech Quartet Wihan will open the Festival with Paavali Jumppanen, piano and Jan Söderblom, violin.Read more »
Jessica Jensen
Published 30.10.2016 hrs 14:00

Prelude II on Yle Radio 1

Listen to the Tchaikovsky Trio's concert from the New Pavilion on September 7.Read more »
Matilda Åkerblom
Published 12.09.2016 hrs 14:36

Yle broadcasts two festival concerts

The second preconcert Love Triangle and the festival concert Astonishing Spirit will be broadcasted live by Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE.Read more »
Matilda Åkerblom
Published 05.09.2016 hrs 14:03

Hynninen and Gothóni performing in May in Kauniainen

Kauniainen Music Festival takes a head start to the incoming festival.Read more »
Matilda Åkerblom
Published 19.01.2016 hrs 06:59

Kauniainen Music Festival reached its halfway milestone

Kauniainen Music Festival 2013 reached the day before yesterday its halfway milestone. The eight days festival started on Sunday 27 October and will continue until Sunday 3 November. We are still going to see a number of very thought provoking presentations and extraordinarily memorable concerts.Read more »
Ilona Tikkanen
Published 01.11.2013 hrs 15:45

Opening speech of Kauniainen Music Festival

A speech by Archiatre Risto Pelkonen in the first concert of Kauniainen Music Festival 2010 - the very first Kauniainen Music FestivalRead more »
Ilona Tikkanen
Published 31.10.2013 hrs 15:38

Ageless music

The program spans about 300 years, from J.S. Bach until today. The age difference between the youngest and oldest performer is over half a century. Read more »
Ilona Tikkanen
Published 08.07.2013 hrs 13:37

Kauniainen Music Festival

Kauniainen Music Festival is a new and different hybrid festival, where both ageless and age-bound music and words meet. The music festival is arranged at the end of October and beginning of November in the capital region, for the fourth time this year.Read more »
Ilona Tikkanen
Published 08.07.2013 hrs 13:35

Stimuli for all senses

Kauniainen Music Festival is a new and different “hybrid festival” – a dialogue between arts and sciences, which offers both timeless and contemporary experiences and thoughts in music and words.Read more »
Ilona Tikkanen
Published 01.07.2013 hrs 13:38

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